Northern Pathways to Housing

The NWTHC will be entering into five-year partnerships with three smaller NWT communities to operate transitional housing for residents under the Northern Pathways to Housing Program.

Supports provided by the GNWT for emergency and transitional housing are currently focused in larger NWT communities. This housing is typically provided through non-governmental organizations with financial support through the GNWT.

Homelessness in smaller NWT communities often takes a different form than what is seen in larger communities. There are residents that are unable to access social housing because of past behavior (arrears or other tenant issues) or residents in situations where the availability of housing has limited their options.

Under the program, the NWTHC will:

  • Renovate an existing unit to configure it into four self-contained suites.
  • Provide on-going funding for operating costs for the unit including utilities and maintenance, some supplies, and support workers/case worker staffing (annual $70,000 per community).

The project will be a partnership approach with eligible community agencies entering into a contribution agreement with the NWTHC.