Strategic Renewal

The NWTHC is undertaking a review of its programs, services, initiatives, policies and guidelines in order to develop and implement recommendations to improve programming, to decrease barriers in accessing programs and services, and to renew the strategic plan.

From December 2016 through February 2017, the NWTHC conducted a housing engagement survey soliciting broad, wide-ranging input from residents and stakeholders, specifically persons who have used NWTHC programs. This feedback is helping to focus housing programs and services redesign in the short-term, and assist with long-term planning activities and new strategic priorities.

A newsletter summarizing new initiatives to date can be found here.



Removal of Co-Pay for Low-to-Modest Income Households

Households earning under $60,000 per year will no longer be required to make a co-payment for repair programs.

Availability: Active

Seniors Aging in Place Retrofits and Repairs

Seniors Aging in Place Retrofits is a homeownership renovation program that focuses on energy-efficient retrofits for seniors homeowners.

The objective is to improve the sustainability of seniors to remain in their home community and age in place by implementing energy-saving retrofits that lower utility costs for seniors.

Availability: Active

Fuel Tank Replacement for Homeowners

Old fuel tanks at risk of failure present a significant monetary and environmental risk.  This program assists homeowners with low-to-moderate incomes with support to replace their fuel tanks avoiding costly remediation.

Availability: October 2017

Community Housing Support Initiative

This initiative supports affordable housing partnerships between Indigenous governments and communities and the NWTHC.  Indigenous governments and community stakeholders, especially in our rural and remote communities, are often best-placed to understand their housing issues and determine good solutions.

This initiative allows these organizations to access financial or in-kind support to deliver and manage innovative affordable housing solutions of their own design.

Availability: Active

Customer Service Training

The NWTHC values meaningful, informative and respectful interaction with residents.  To this end, a corporate-wide initiative has been implemented to transform customer relations focusing not only on front-line service agents, but also educating senior management to ensure accountability.

Availability: Active

Loan Assumption

We have made policy improvements to allow family members to take over the forgivable loans of their parents or siblings who have either passed or need to move to access long-term medical care.  This change will help ensure the continuity of community housing, avoid family hardship, and decrease vacant housing.

Availability: Active

Students in Public Housing

We want to retain our young people in our communities and build our knowledge base so we need common sense solutions to support students in public housing. Students can now go away to school for four years without having to worry that they will lose their unit or have to fulfill a residency requirement upon their return to their community

Availability: Active

Future Actions

Near-term initiatives include the New Home Program, Sale of Public Housing Program, and a New Rent Supplement Program.  Revisit this page for updates.


For information on how to access any of these programs, please contact your Local Housing Organization or District Office.