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The NWTHC works to dispose of housing units that are beyond economic repair, have reached the end of their useful life, or no longer support the delivery of housing due to changes in community needs.

Where possible, the NWTHC will attempt to sell a unit instead of demolishing it.  

Disposing of these units supports the mandate of the 18th Legislative Assembly priority of addressing the high Cost of Living by demolishing vacant housing units that are beyond their useful life to support land requirements for new housing investment.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the units listed, please contact the NWTHC district office nearest you.  Contact info


Please click on properties for greater detail (FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY).

Community Common Name Price Information
Lynx River 89 Click Here
Lynx River 312 Click Here
Lynx River 175 Click Here
Lynx River 362 Click Here
Lynx River 76 Click Here
Lynx River​ 809 Click Here
Lynx River 19-24 Click Here