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The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation's new mission, values and vision can be found as a PDF here.  (Fr

Our Mission:

Increasing the wellbeing of individuals and communities by providing fair access to quality housing support for people most in need.


Our Vision:

We are a respected partner in providing effective housing support for people most in need.


Our Values:

  • Client-Focused

    • We are fair, respectful and compassionate

    • We recognize that everyone has a unique lived experience that may include past trauma

    • We communicate clearly and often

  • Collaboration
    • We look for and accept opportunities to collaborate
    • We recognize that greater success comes from working together
    • We take steps to build and maintain partnerships
  • Accountability

    • We are accountable to our clients, to our employees, to our partners and to the public for our conduct and our use of public resources

    • We are transparent

    • We look for accountability in others

  • Innovation

    • We strive to continue to improve

    • We are creative, adaptable and flexible

    • We measure our effectiveness

  • Reconciliation
    • We acknowledge the Indigenous inherent right of self-government
    • We engage with Indigenous Governments on a government-to-government basis
    • We educate ourselves about the NWT’s history of colonization
    • We strive for cultural appropriateness in our work
  • Sustainability

    • We look for environmental and fiscal sustainability in all aspects of our work.