Programs and Services

Seniors Multiplex
Community led housing planning activities across the Northwest Territories.
Securing Assistance for Emergencies
Emergency repair funding that is available year-round for situations like freeze-ups and furnace failures.
fuel tank
Assisting homeowners replace aging above ground fuel tanks.
Homelessness Assistance Fund
Provides one-time emergency funding if you are experiencing a housing-related crisis or are at risk of becoming homeless.
Buying a home
Provides homeownership assistance to you as an NWT resident if you are interested in buying your own home.
Helping people acquire the skills needed to be successful homeowners.
Leasing a home
The Homeownership Entry Level Program is intended for first-time homebuyers to assume the responsibilities of homeownership before purchasing a home.
Public Housing
Income-based assistance for residents of more than 2400 Public Housing units located in thirty (30) NWT communities.
Rapid Rehousing
The NWTHC partners with Non-Government Organizations to help provide housing stability to individuals.
Can provide a rent subsidy of up to $500 per month for a transitional period of time. Applications are accepted throughout the year.
Repairs and Enhancements
Assists existing homeowners in making necessary repairs to their home, in order to ensure a safe and healthy home.
Aging in Place
Provides a forgivable loan (over one year) to lower energy costs or for repairs so that seniors who own their homes can continue to live in their homes safely.
Provides funding to shelters and agencies that work with people who are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of experiencing homelessness.
Provide NWT communities (excluding Yellowknife) with funding for projects that address shelter and support needs for individuals who are experiencing homelessness.
Provides supports for emergency housing and transitional housing in NWT’s smaller communities.