Buying a home

Homeownership Assistance

What is the Providing Assistance for Territorial Homeownership (PATH) Program?

The PATH program provides homeownership assistance to you as an NWT resident if you are interested in buying your own home.

Under this program, you only have to obtain bank financing if the project costs to build or purchase a modest home are more than the amount of assistance you can receive through the PATH program.

Who is eligible for the Providing Assistance for Territorial Homeownership (PATH) Program?

If you have a moderate income over the Core Need Income Threshold (CNIT), you will be eligible for 50% of the assistance level for your community.

If you live in a remote community, you will receive higher assistance levels compared to people with the same income who live in communities with year round access.

If you are a Senior Adult, (60 years and older) you can apply at any time for assistance under any housing program.

What funding is available?

Assistance levels are set by NWT zones, and range between 5% and 55% of the purchase price or the Maximum Construction Cost (MCC), whichever is less. The amounts are set using income level, family size, and the community-based construction costs.

How do I apply?

Please contact your Local Housing Organization, or District Office for your region, to find out more details, and for help to fill out an application if you need it. For further questions, please contact 1-844-NWT-HOME (1-844-698-4663) or

For additional information, please refer to the policy document.