Leasing a home

Homeownership Initiative

What is the Homeownership Initiative?

This program supports the NWTHC’s objective of increasing private homeownership in rural and remote communities where there are families with enough income to own and operate their own home through: 


  • The existing homeownership rental portfolio will be converted to homeownership units for eligible tenants who wish to become homeowners;
  • The NWTHC will provide eligible public housing tenants in detached units the opportunity to purchase their units to become homeowners if they have sufficient income to pay for the operating and maintenance costs.


Who is eligible for the Homeownership Initiative

  • Applicants must have lived in their HELP unit or Public Housing unit for a minimum of three (3) years, prior to approval for this initiative:.

What financial assistance is available?

  • Clients enter into a forgivable loan agreement with the NWTHC that facilitates the transition to homeownership.

Which dwellings qualify for this program?

  • Detached HELP units and Detached Public Housing units that are currently owned by the NWTHC which are on titled land or leased land.


Please contact your Local Housing Organization, or District Office for your region, to find out more details, and for help to fill out an application if you need it. For further questions, please contact 1-844-NWT-HOME (1-844-698-4663) or nwthc_comms@gov.nt.ca.

If you have further questions, please refer to the policy document.