National Housing Co-investment Fund

The National Housing Co-investment Fund

The National Housing Co-Investment Fund is a Federal funding stream that supports new and revitalization construction of mixed-income, mixed-tenure, mixed-use affordable housing. Funded projects need support from another level of government to ensure a coordination of investments. There are two streams within National Housing Co-Investment Fund:

New Construction
This stream develops new, high-performing affordable housing located close to necessary supports and amenities, from public transit and jobs to daycares, schools and healthcare.

The Housing Repair and Renewal Stream is for the preservation and revitalization of the existing community and affordable housing.

Involvement of Housing NWT

Housing NWT is continuing to support the implementation of this federal program throughout the NWT. In recognition of the barrier faced by the NWT when competing against southern jurisdictions for funding, the federal government has dedicated $60 million of the National Housing Co-Investment Fund specifically for the NWT.

Northern proponents can still apply for the larger national pot of money as well.

The Housing NWT and CMHC have formed a joint review committee for the program to ensure that the potential of the fund is being fully realized.


More information can be found on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website here. 


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