Emergency Repairs

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Funding is available year-round for emergency situations like freeze-ups and furnace failures.


Available Funding

Short-term forgivable loans up to $15,000 are available to cover emergency repairs. More than one repair application could be approved in the same year as long as the repairs were unrelated, and the annual total did not exceed $15,000.


The Emergency Repair funding is offered on a year-round basis to all communities.


This funding is open to residents of the NWT who:

  • are over 19 years of age  
  • have lived in the NWT for three years
  • have lived in their home for over a year
  • own a home within municipal boundaries and have access to a continuous supply of electricity, potable water and heat
  • own a home where there is a functional sewage containment system
  • have a fuel tank in poor condition or not meeting current standards
  • have a low-to-middle total household income that falls within the limits of the monthly income threshold for your community.

If an applicant has mortgage, land, lease or tax arrears, your District Office can answer questions on your eligibility.

How to Apply

To apply, you will need to contact your District Office by phone.

Client counselling is required at all stages during the application process. It is necessary to provide applicants with relevant information including the Emergency Repair Program Agreement and homeowner responsibilities, including the importance of home maintenance and home insurance.

All applicants are required to complete an application form with a representative from Housing NWT or its designated agent.

Applicants are not permitted to complete the application on their own.

The Housing NWT District Technical Advisors will be responsible for coordinating the maintenance and minor repair projects, including the Scope of Work

As these applications are taken for emergency repairs, the process (application, evaluation and completion of emergency repair) must be completed within 60 days. If the application is still pending or approved and no project started after 60 days, the application will be withdrawn or cancelled.

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